Mid-day Pre-K Bus Runs 2023-2024

LCS Bus Runs 2023-2024

High School Bus Runs 2023-2024


BUS RULES – Bus Driver is in FULL CHARGE


  1. Students will sit where the driver instructs them to sit.
  2. Students must cross in FRONT of the bus, not to the REAR.
  3. Students must wait for signal from driver, before crossing the street.
  4. EMERGENCY DOOR shall not be used as an entrance or exit except in the case of an EMERGENCY.
  5. Positively NO WALKING AROUND or STANDING, while the bus is in motion.
  6. Students SHALL NOT put their hands out of the windows.
  7. Students SHALL NOT throw anything out of the bus windows at any time.
  9. Students SHALL NOT throw papers or articles on the floor of the bus. Please use disposal basket in the front of the bus.
  10. NO GYM BAGS or INSTURMENTS to be left in the aisle of the bus or EXIT and ENTRANCE DOORS.
  11. Only regular students are allowed to ride the bus unless an authorized note is presented to the driver – and if room is available.
  12. FOOD or BEVERAGES are not to be consumed on the bus.
  13. NO ARTICLES larger than what a student can put on their lap are allowed on the bus. ABSOLUTELY NO PETS ALLOWED.
  14. Students MUST board and depart their bus at their regular assigned bus stop unless otherwise permitted by the driver or request by the school principal.

In addition, for High School Students:

  1. Non-Lisbon students are not allowed to ride Lisbon busses
  2. If there is a change in the drop off location for a student, a note should be given to the bus driver or sent to the Lisbon Superindent’s Office no later than 10:00 am on the day of change.
  3. Once the note has been received and approved by the Superintendent’s Office, an e-mail is sent to M & J to notify the bus driver.