Invitation to Bid- Bus Transportation 

Q:  Can we have a copy of the current transportation contract?

A:  The current contract is on our website.  Please find it here.

1) Can we get copies of the last few months of invoices?  Appendix 1 of the Transportation Contract provides the current rates for buses and services. Click here for invoices


2) Can we get a copy of the current contract?   If you go the Lisbon Central School website, you will see our current contract. OR click here.


3) Will the district consider reducing the spare vehicle ratio from 20% to 10%? If we were looking for a fleet of “new” busses, then a spare vehicle ratio of 10% would be acceptable, however considering the RFP states that “All vehicles shall be no more than eight years old as of August 15, 2024, we anticipate that more vehicles will be out for service or experience breakdowns, so we would like to keep the spare vehicle ratio at 20%.


4) Will the district consider 71-72 passenger conventional buses instead of transit buses?  Yes, we currently use Type A and Type C school busses.


5) How many monitors are required? We currently have one monitor on one bus; those needs may increase in the future.


6) Section 4.21 of the contract states the contractor shall provide vehicles for late runs upon the Board’s request but there is no place to provide a price for late runs on the Pricing Schedule.  We currently do not have nor do we anticipate any “late runs.”


7)   Routes/mileage:  When we did this work in the past, here is a breakdown of high school trips.  Is this still accurate?  2 buses for NFA, 1 for Norwich Tech, 1 for Ledyard H.S., 1 for Griswold H.S. and 1 for Grasso Tech H.S. (Groton), the Grasso bus also went to Marine Science Magnet H.S. that is also in Groton

We currently have: two busses for NFA, one for Norwich Tech, one for Ledyard High School, one for Griswold High School , one for Grasso Tech, one for Lyman High School, one bus for special education/ special circumstances/needs.  


8)  Confirming OK to have manager and dispatcher at offsite location?  It is okay to have the manager and dispatcher at an off-site location.